I cannot believe how time flies sooooo fast!!! Seriously! One chapter of Twenty Eighteen has closed but starting and ending it with a BAM! I am so glad and blessed for all the agendas last month. So much things and plans going on with less time but was able to handle everything and they all went well. Thank God! The photo above was taken outside my house, it was a lovely snowy Sunday and can’t help but of course take a selfie with this Pine tree topped with snow as a wintery backdrop.

I will post a separate blog about my wedding prep and behind the scenes. It was a roller coaster week but all worth it and a success! It’s a must read so please stay tuned for my upcoming Wedding Blog, it was another K&A Event Planners work project!

A day full of parties! Performed another dance at the Cube for an event but the day before that was a day full of appointments! Had back to back meetings for K&A Event Planners, then headed to my dance rehearsal, then rushed to my godson’s birthday party and stopped by another party! Oh, I can’t imagine how tired my body was but I definitely had fun at least.

I love this place! If you’re wondering, this is The Allis at Soho House Chicago.

Yesterday we wrote whatever we want to put on our pulpit platform before we cover it with new hardwood floors & this is what I wrote. Video on my vlog soon. After church headed to check out some paint and stuff for the flooring for a cafe or shop that I’ve been planning. Too many things needed to do and I’m going coocoo! haha

Oh & after the wedding headed to their after party then lastly, went on an anniversary dinner celebration of my girl friend Galil at their place in Chicago. I was so excited to eat the lobsters and back ribs! Haha it was an intimate celebration plus Serbian music! Videos on my vlog soon.

Also went to city hall to open up business license for the cake and gather some info needed for the businesses then stopped by Nordstrom to change the shade of my foundation, and it took me a while because of the sales associate, of course they tried to put some makeup and sales talk me for their products but I’m so proud of myself, I didn’t give in & buy!!! haha

It was my parents wedding anniversary so after church we had lunch with the fam to celebrate it then watched Superbowl after that.

Again, that was just one week! I cannot wait for what these upcoming months will throw at me! Always blessed and grateful!

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