Along Came Karla…

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Origin of her names: Karla ~ is a German & Scandinavian form of Charles which she loves since it has a strong aura and not spelled with a C. Patricia ~ is the first woman’s name in America. She is a Filipina with a mix of Spanish & Chinese blood. Residing in Northbrook, Illinois but born & raised in Manila, Philippines (Parañaque). She’s a Leo without a doubt is a strong-willed and has a passionate heart. She is the eldest & just have one younger brother whom they always thought her older bro. I guess that’s a compliment then! Oh! And she has a baby Parice~ a cute lil pup, Maltese 🙂

Karla moved to the U.S. after graduating High School, and finished College here where she took Nursing (which to be honest, is not her forte.) Everyone knows she belongs to the Media, Broadcasting, Journalism field~ what she really does. She has been a TV Personality which is one of her dreams. Also got to host her own show in Chicago Philippine Reports TV. Became a part of a sitcom Laugh Out Loud. Karla also did a cameo in an indie film “The Perfect Letter”. She is an entrepreneur, has a cake business, and events planning company that will soon to launch and other products/brands that she works with. She also helps manage their family HomeCare business as well. Aside from that, Karla enjoys working as a freelance and part time model. Plus, she paints as a hobby and plans to sell some of her artworks. There’s more to her than all these glam.

A traveler, artist, dancer, entrepreneur, painter, nurse, fashionista, model, food & a dog lover! All of these qualities and achievements & needless to say snapping everything pushed her to start blogging and vlogging. So here she is! Stay tuned for her life memoirs!  xo

“Live the life you’ve imagined.”

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