First time traveling with my bff Arlyn and flew to NYC to meet my other bestie Karen who’s a local there. Stayed at (I forgot the name of the hotel) in Manhattan for two nights, and our last night we stayed at Karen’s, who lives in West New York.

Our flight heading there was late at night so we arrived in NYC about almost midnight, but still managed to stroll down Times Square at 1am after having dinner at our hotel’s restaurant. It actually was cold and rainy in New York that weekend but it didn’t stop us from roaming and exploring this beautiful city.

To sum up our trip, we stopped by different tourist spots I planned on our itinerary. We took the Subway, ate lunch at a hotpot restaurant, we also passed by one of instagram’s fave spot in NYC- the Pietro Nolita pink cafe sooo cute and of course took a photo there. I actually didn’t know it was a famous cute spot in NYC, just realized it later on when I saw all these posts. Even though it was cold and still raining, I really wanted to find that IG spot of those cute murals in Soho. Also at the top of my list is to go and dine at Laduree and it was so fancy and classy which I really adore! So that’s one check off my bucketlist. Roam around Soho to look for some cute murals to take a photo and it was a success. Stopped by Little Italy as well and few blocks away was a souvenir shop, so bought some cute NYC shirts and hats to give to my loved ones back in Chitown.

Next stop was the Brooklyn Bridge, then headed to Time Square.

This was taken at Bryant Park.

The busy, colorful, lively vibe of this city, I love!

For our last night, we met up with some of Arlyn’s friends there for dinner and a night out at 230 Fifth: Best Heated Rooftop Bar/Club & it was amazing, the cute heated igloo seating area and the rooftop with a view of the Empire State Building was gorgeous at night! Inside the bar/club the white lounges were so fancy and gorgeous. The food and drinks were delish plus the DJ was awesome! Loved the songs he played, it was one of the best night outs I’ve had to be honest, had so much fun with the new found New Yorker friends:)

Oh, I forgot, the previous night we had dinner at this famous ramen restaurant I forgot the name again (I apologize this was trip a year ago & I do have a bad memory!) then headed to Marquee club which we got so lucky, one promoter just gave us a complimentary table and a bottle of champagne! What a night! Perks of being a lady! haha It was also the first time I met Arlyn’s friend – Precious.

Our last day, Sunday. We tried to take a boat tour to the Statue of Liberty but there was a long line and we didn’t want to waste half of the day waiting so we just took a photo in the area atleast you can still spot Little Miss Liberty haha

Went to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the architecture was so intricate and amazing also I love the TV show Gossip Girl and a block away we saw Lotte New York Palace and I remember it was one of the places they always shoot their scenes. Spent the afternoon at Times Square, checked out some necklaces at Tiffany & Co. and finally went home to rest and pack our bags for our early flight the next morning.

My love for horses and horse carriages!!!

One of the bucketlist is to take a photo at the LOVE and HOPE sign, and then stroll around the lovely Central Park during the day then stopped by Serendipity restaurant which we just took a photo outside.

The sunshine that goes through the windows and the gorgeous architecture of the Grand Central Station was def one of the tourists spots and IG spots to visit! Another check off the bucketlist.

It was a short but sweet trip. Able to spend the weekend with my besties at my favourite city was the best! NYC I’m sure to see you again!

NYC skyline at West New York border of NYC and New Jersey, this is a block away from Karen’s place. it was gorge and you can see the ships/boats one of their forms of transportation to the city back and forth. Oh I definitely love NYC!!!

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