Well, where do I start? Cali has always been my fave city. Tbh, it’s not just the beaches but the Palm Trees!!! Yas! Everytime I visit, I always say I wanted to take some seeds and plant them back home haha(weirdo) but seriously tho, they’re so lovely! Aside from that, what I love most is their tropical vibes! The weather is perf! Beaches, and their tourist attractions. I’m such a “summer girl” so without a doubt, I’d fall in love with this city. There’s so many places I’ve been wanting to visit but one at a time.. I’ll be sharing them one by one here and on my next blog posts. So stay tuned! xo

First one on the agenda on our first day was The Stahl House. It’s a tourist spot house on top of the hill with a breathtaking view of LA. When we got there, too bad we didn’t know we had to make an appointment to visit atleast 2 months before! Oh well, we just took a photo by the houses there with a good view of the city and with my cray partner Hya, we actually danced in the middle of the street! #noshame Had brunch at Lemonade with Princess who is a local. She’s cousins with my friend Steph.

For those who really know me, I don’t care changing in the car or wherever (well maybe somewhere enclosed at least lol) just to change outfits on my trips! #doitforthegram and for my #ootd haha So we changed outfits again and went to Beverly Hills & Rodeo Drive. I didn’t know we had to walk blockssss from our parking and my friend Hya and I were wearing heels!!!! #FashionKills #InTheNameOfFashion

Another outfit just in one day, next stop was LACMA too bad they painted the urban lights when we were there but atleast got to see it and of course took photos. I wish to go back and probably next time, at night. Steph and Princess were so tired so they just stayed in the car but of course my travel buddy Hya and I still wanted to see it so we walked 5 blocks I guess just to get there and walked back to the car. Whew what a day! BUT still not done, our last stop before heading to the hotel was the Dollar Hits! Been wanting to try their Filipino street food. And guess what, we actually danced outside again! Yep, noooo shame at all! #shorthairdontcare

This is one of the trips I’d say I’ve met so many people and became real friends with. That’s the reason behind that hashtag. Palm trees, I’m coming back for ya! lol

Day 2 next blog post…

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