This was a year ago. Today is Valentine’s Day 2018.

I am the type that I always love to surprise my loved ones and I just love surprises as well! Bought these Valentine’s Cruise tickets for my parents as a gift but my mom wasn’t feeling good that day & we can’t change the date because it’s for the Vday cruise only. So now…

I ended up having a date with my dad since he’s always busy working, this would be a good break and treat for (supposedly them) but I was my mom’s proxy.

As some of you may have noticed, I got my vanity & love for taking photos from my dad. He loves posing for the camera just like a model! So we enjoyed the day taking photos, cruising and eating. The brunch buffet was good plus the Chicago skyline, Navy Pier and the lake were amazing!

Thank you Odyssey Cruise for this experience!

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