Last Friday night, we performed at an aunt’s friend’s birthday party with some friends. We just practiced once! Oh well, we still did good according to the audience haha

We have an upcoming dance performance again at another event next month. Hopefully, this one’s better! At least, we all had fun and enjoyed the party. Performed along with my close girl friend Mhaye and met some new girlies Vanessa, and Nicole.

After an eventful night, the next day, we talked business. Meeting with my partner Arlyn and one of our vendors. It was productive and more lined up meetings soon.

Can’t wait for our upcoming events to work on. Also, thank you Stanley for the great advice, and tips in business.

I actually have soooo many blog posts to do but with my busy schedule I most likely need to catch up on those and will be posting soon! Stay tuned loves, more to come xx

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