It’s my girl friend Mhaye’s birthday weekend. We drove from Chicago to Wisconsin and stayed at her boyfriend’s house cabin.

We bought matching mermaid onesies and dinosaur slippers for her birthday!

Went to Wisconsin Dells to play go-kart with the crew and went to some haunted houses around the area. We were supposed to play laser tag but we were running out of time we still need to prepare and cook dinner for our last night so we just ended up going back to the cabin.

We all planned on dressing up in white, and the birthday girl wore a red dress that night.

We ended up playing games after dinner. Enjoyed playing Spoons, Guesstures and Hide & Seek, Poker for the guys and chitchat with the girls hahaha

Ended up sleeping around 4am the first night after watching a horror movie, the second night we slept around 5am so we just did a daytime bonfire and smores on our last day.

The highlight of this trip was probably the kayak race on our first day! We had so much fun screaming our lungs out!

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