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My best friend Arlyn requested a painting from me for her new place. She asked me to paint her! BUT I’m not really good with portraits I’m still practicing for portrait paintings. So I tried painting her with a theme. I told her, I’ll just paint a girl because I don’t think I can copy and paint your face. Then the reactions I got from others were “Oh, you painted your best friend?”
“She looks like Arlyn” and I was like, great! I guess I did it even though I didn’t have any intentions of copying her anymore. Oh well, at least it kinda looked like her.

She has this hanging on a bare wall in her living room which gave color in her house.

“I love seeing my paintings on someone’s home.” – KC

Many friends and other people are requesting or ordering a paint from me for their homes. I feel so happy, it is my passion and would love to do it for them but it’s just my busy schedule that gets in the way. Also, when I paint I always need to get in the mood and be inspired otherwise my artwork won’t look good. I feel like painting depends on my mood and inspiration. Every time someone requests a painting from me, if they don’t have an idea of what they want me to paint I would ask them what would they want to see in their house or room or what are their faves.

“I will always incorporate a lil bit of what I want or about myself in each of my paintings. I like to have a touch of my persona or “the artist” on my artworks.” – KC

Whenever I feel tired, I stop. I rest and will continue either later or next time I feel like painting.

“They say, a better painting or artwork takes time. The more and longer you work on it, the more it gets better. Which I have noticed. As what they say, good things take time.” -KC

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