As what people call me, the “Miss Planner“.

I’ve also wanted to be a wedding or event planner which what I am currently doing right now. I’ll have my event planning business (company) pretty soon but already started it as another part-time job.

They saw that innate talent in me, & I guess it’s another passion of mine. It is always my fave to plan & host parties, events etc. Especially the themed ones! Everytime it’s a family or friend’s birthday or any occasion, I tend to offer and ask if they want me to plan it and help them. I’m just fond of doing it! I know, I know, you’re thinking about the stress. Of course, when you are a wedding planner or coordinator, all the stress is on you! Exactly, you are right. Who wants stress anyway?! But, for me when you’re doing what you love and what you are passionate about, the least thing you’ll think about is the stress because you enjoy doing it.

Follow your passions, and you will succeed. – KC

Got this new marble planner from Michaels #marblelover, it’s so cute but a lil bulky. I always check and update this everyday. Sometimes, day & night. I know, the generation right now is so techy but I still love writing and using a planner. I feel like, I am more organized and will most likely accomplish a task when I have to write it down on my planner.

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