I cannot be more busier than ever once the first day of the year has started. Actually, when did I never become busy at all?! Oh well, I guess I am used to being productive which I believe is a good thing instead of being a bummer.

I am the type that I’ve always been thinking about being lazy, chill and sleep in BUT I can NEVER do that with my hectic schedule and even though I can spare some time chilling and staying in, my feet are in born dragging me out of the house and my brain kicks in and tells me to better do something and to not waste my time. I definitely hate wasting my time. I’m always off on the weekends ONLY. I work day and night on the weekdays. Literally, I get zero sleep at all! Yep, #zombiemode #whatsleep?

They say, the one that succeeds, never sleeps. A real boss hustles 24/7. I feel them! I believe that, but again, in order for us to maintain the business, our jobs, our energy to work is to be healthy. Health is wealth. TRUE! So, with my work(s) sched I seriously don’t have the 6-8 hrs of sleep and during the weekends, I try to rest up and recover from my crazy week. I take vitamins that I love! They’re good for my skin, hair and nails. My regular Vit C, and my Centrum which I don’t take everyday because it gives me a side effect of tachycardia lol so I cut the tablet into half at least. I always have an Ibuprofen with me whenever I get a headache or any pain and fever.

I always plan my extra curricular activities and other part-time jobs like modeling, photoshoots, my cake business, attending events, shooting for my vlog/blog etc. on the weekends but I still work on those marketing, blogposts, and paid or brand partnerships anytime during the week even while I am at the office working and dealing with my patient at night. So, even on the weekends I still do a lot! It is so rare for me to wake up late, probably I am used to waking up early for work though I’m really not a morning person. You wonder, how about my Sundays? That day is my church and family day. I try my best not to miss it in a week. I wake up early as well to be able to attend the Sunday school and Service. Either I rest in the afternoon, chill with the fam, or other extra activities for the week.

“I love being busy! Maybe because I love what I do, I think that’s what keeps me going.” – KC

So I can’t stress enough how busy & tired my eyes, mind, and body. So I make it a point that I still take care of my self not just by taking my vitamins but try my best to maintain and keep going with my workouts at the gym or at home and taking care of my skin since I don’t get enough sleep by doing my ritual – facials (I love the most)! Either booking an appointment at my facials and spa salon or home remedy. Another thing I am really in need of is a full body massage with my back to back goals and plans this year, thinking about all of them makes me wish to have more days in a week! So a massage day in a month or two sounds perfect. Having a healthy diet (Oh, I cannot promise this one, so why am I even typing this resolution!?? HAHA) I WILL TRY! I love carbs and sweets! What can I do?! I need HELP! SOS please, with my diet! haha

Anyway, above all… HYDRATE!!! Drink lots of water! That’s the key to a healthy lifestyle, and skin.

With all the above resolutions, one of my mantras is to at least squeeze in some “ME TIME” on my regular hectic schedule. WE ALL NEED THAT.

Well, my blog and vlog will surely tell at the end of the year or let’s say throughout the year if I keep my new year’s resolutions on track!

The first chapter of the year is almost coming to an end. What’re your New Year’s resolutions? I hope we all maintain ours. 🙂 Have a prosperous new year everyone!


& of course, do I even have to include this? I think this isn’t a NY resolution but a goal haha TRAVEL MORE! KEEP TRAVELING and EXPLORING THE WORLD more for #KarlAdventures

Stay tuned as always my loves!


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