Another passion. PAINTINGGG!!! Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved art but probably crafts and drawing. I did not realize I would enjoy and pursue painting.

My first ever painting! And one of my cousins would want to buy it but I would not sell this painting, it is so memorable for me.

One day, my cousin Lea invited me and my mom to attend Van Gogh painting class. After that night, I just decided I really would want to paint.. more! So, the next day I bought painting materials and started another passion.

Here are some of my other paintings. I’ve actually already painted a lot but those were just a practice and definitely not a blog worthy haha

I’ve painted for some of my close friends too.

“Lovers in Paris”

“Elephant Abstract Painting” My love for elephants. This isn’t done yet and it was so messy. Will probably fix it soon.

Tried to copy my friend’s photo. Still practicing portrait.
Painting by the beach
“Long hair don’t care” definitely my mantra
First time trying and experimenting with oil paint, it was hard! not a fan of oil paint, so I usually use acrylic paint and just top it off with glossy finish coating.
Absract painting. This is actually one of my momma’s favourite painting of mine. Maybe because it’s colorful? Eh.. it’s just a practice painting for me.

These paintings were old. Will be posting some of my latest artworks.

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